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Safety Trainers: How Online Tools Can Actually Help You in the Classroom

How Online Tools Can Actually Help You in the Classroom

As experts in online training, our team has the opportunity to get to know safety trainers who teach numerous classes throughout the year and have on-the-go schedules. Sometimes safety trainers are surprised to learn that we offer tools that can help make their job in the classroom a bit easier and even enhance their training curriculum.

Here is a quick overview of these tools and how they can support classroom training:

  1. View Used and Unused Registration Codes for Your Students
    If you need to get a student trained quickly, or perhaps you don't have enough students for a full class, online safety training is a budget-friendly alternative for your wallet and timeline. Simply distribute codes to students who need training and then enjoy behind-the-scenes, real-time access to view their progress throughout the course. You'll know when they begin the course, pass the final exam and everything in between, too.
  2. Review Your Students' Progress
    Online safety training doesn't leave you in the dark. Our reporting portal gives you 24/7 access to your students' performance records — see exactly which questions students missed on quizzes to better understand each of their unique pain points. This valuable information can be used to reemphasize course material in the classroom and foster group discussions about topics that may require more in-depth coverage from you, the trainer.
  3. Access and Print Your Students' Completion Certificates
    Students deserve recognition for their hard work and commitment to safety. Our reporting portal tells you exactly when students completed the course and gives you immediate access to print the certificate of completion. This instant accessibility to data and course materials allows trainers to incorporate one-on-one time with each student about their individualized performance, and even create incentive contests and graduation celebrations into the course syllabus.

Our reporting portal is designed to communicate with you, the trainer, about every student and their progress in the course. The data can be utilized to supplement your own curriculum when it makes sense, whether that means moving quickly passed a topic the class grasps easily or elaborating on content students find more challenging. No matter what your teaching style may be, online training can provide the nuts and bolts that allow you to excel in the classroom.

When your training circumstances are less than ideal, we're here for you.

If you have questions about online safety training and how it can support your training program, please contact a Safety Specialist by emailing or calling 1-866-481-7541.