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OSHA Outreach Training FAQs

Do I have to take the course in one sitting?

No. After you register, you can start and stop the course at your leisure. The course saves your progress.

How long do I have to complete this OSHA training?

You have 180 days to complete your online OSHA training after registering for the course. If you do not finish your training in this time, you will need to re-register for the course and purchase it again. This applies to all OSHA courses.

How many attempts do I have to pass quizzes and the final exam for OSHA Outreach training?

OSHA testing requirements state that students have up to three tries to pass course tests for 10- and 30-hour OSHA Outreach training. This policy applies to each end-of-module quiz and the final exam. To successfully pass a quiz or final exam, you must score at least 70%.

Unfortunately, students who don't pass a quiz or final exam after three tries must pay to enroll in a new course and start over from the beginning.

What is the minimum passing score for OSHA training quizzes and the final exam?

The minimum passing score for quizzes and the final exam is 70%. Students have up to three attempts to pass each quiz and the final exam. Unfortunately, students who don't pass a quiz or final exam after three attempts will need to re-enroll in a new course and start over from the beginning. We encourage students to contact their instructor to review difficult questions and get the most out of their learning experience.

How do I change the course language to Spanish?

Contact our Customer Care team to change your course language to Spanish. For the fastest response, contact us via Live Chat.

Are there any materials I need to take the course?

The course and exam are 100% online. There are printable reviews, offered in a pdf format, for your convenience.

How do I know which OSHA training course to take?

Each course has its own description related to specific fields. General Industry courses are usually for anyone else covered in the general industry spectrum, such as factory, healthcare, manufacturing and more. If you are still not sure, contact our support team at

When can I start?

After registering you will receive an email confirmation at the email address you provided during registration. You can use this email any time, or visit and click the "Login" button at the top of the page.

Does the course have a daily time limit?

Yes. OSHA regulations state that you can spend no more than 7.5 hours per day in the course. OSHA 10-hour training must be split into two days, and OSHA 30-hour training will take at least four days to complete. A mandatory 8-hour break is required after 7.5 consecutive training hours. After you complete your break, you cannot resume training until the next calendar day. Note: Having multiple browser windows open within the course accelerates the timer, so make sure to complete your training using only one window. You should log out of the course when taking breaks to pause the daily timer.

Is identity validation required for OSHA training?

Yes. At multiple points throughout your training, you must correctly answer personal security questions to confirm that you are completing the course unassisted. You will submit answers to multiple security questions about your personal details when you first log into the course. When a validation question pops up on your screen, you will have 90 seconds to respond. If you respond incorrectly, or if you fail to respond within 90 seconds, that response will be flagged as failed. Students will become temporarily locked out of the program after 4 failed personal validation attempts. If you experience technical difficulties or are locked out of the course after too many failed attempts, contact Customer Care to confirm your identity and resume training. For the fastest response time, submit your request using Live Chat. Identity validation is part of our active proctoring and monitoring system that is required by OSHA.

Do the courses cover OSHA standards?

Yes. Each OSHA course is designed to present all relevant OSHA standards and regulations and is updated with any changes to these requirements. You can be sure you are receiving up-to-date accurate information in our courses.

What if I have questions about the material?

We provide every student direct access to an OSHA course trainer who will be able to respond to any questions you have concerning the course and OSHA regulations.

When will I get my OSHA card?

After you have successfully completed the course, you can instantly download your certificate of completion. This serves as temporary proof of course completion until your OSHA certificate and OSHA card (for OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 Hour Outreach graduates) arrive in the mail. Please note that the official Department of Labor OSHA card can sometimes take 6 or more weeks to arrive due to DOL processing, but your temporary certificate serves as an equivalent proof of training until you receive your card.

When will I receive my temporary OSHA training certificate?

Your course certificate will be available for instant download after you pass the final exam and complete the course. You can use this certificate as proof of course completion until your Department of Labor Card arrives in 6 to 8 weeks through USPS mail.

Will I receive a plastic OSHA card?

Yes. All successful course completions after January 2019 provide a plastic OSHA card. This wallet-sized card is issued by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL).

Where can I find OSHA regulations?

All OSHA standards are accessible online at

Can I get a replacement OSHA course completion card?

OSHA does not keep training records, but course providers can issue replacement OSHA cards. If you have completed Outreach training with within the last five years, we can provide one replacement card. A card replacement fee of $45.00 will apply. To learn more or review your card replacement options, please contact our support team.

Who do I contact if I need assistance or have course questions?

For questions about the course, registering or bulk discounts, feel free to contact our trained OSHA support professional to answer your question at 1-866-575-4310 or email at If you have questions during the course about the material, you will be able to contact the OSHA course trainer directly after registration.

Can I get a refund?

You’re eligible for a refund if you haven’t started a quiz, requested or been issued a certificate or completed the course. If you’ve already started the course, a $5 administrative fee will be deduced from your refund amount. You are not qualified for a refund if your course has expired or if you did not pass a section quiz or the final exam after three attempts.