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One of the most common questions asked is whether not a person qualifies for construction or general industry training. It is a good one. A general rule of thumb is if your work is construction-heavy, meaning it requires the use of scaffolds, fall protection, concrete and masonry, excavations and so forth, you most likely need to take a construction course. General Industry falls into the "other" category and includes health and medical professions, warehouse and factory workers, machine operators and so-on.

OSHA 10-Hour Outreach Training Online

Depending on requirements for your state or employer, most general industry workers need the 10-hour general industry course. OSHA 10-hour general industry training covers the top subjects for the general industry to educate every worker on hazard recogniztion and avoidance procedures. » Learn More

OSHA 30-Hour Outreach Training Online

If you are looking for more lengthy training for supevisors and other high-demanding jobs, the 30-hour course will most likely satisfy your requirment. This course includes additional topics that are not covered in the 10-hour, for a broader spectrum of general industry-related duties. » Learn More

Online Compliance Training

The 1-hour certificate programs are designed for workers who desire or require training in a specialized area of interest. Anywhere from Bloodborne Pathogens to Fire Prevention, these 1-hour courses drill down to the essentials and give you an official OSHA certificate in the subject of your choice. » More Info